Get regularly connected to Italy, Germany, Austria, France and other countries via our groupage network. We ensure reliable services to any place in Western Europe. To support your export business even more we have created the perfect solution which insures your groupage shipments worth up to EUR 15,000  with a promotional premium.

Cargo insurance for small values in Overland:


  • Cargo protection through the whole supply chain
  • Full coverage by clauses A (ICC A)
  • Available from a single shipment
  • Compensation up to full insured value of your goods regardless of cause or fault by carrier
  • Door-to-door coverage, including loading/unloading
  • Cover by market leading insurance companies
  • No insurance administration


  • Excluded fragile good
  • Not insured are: Tabacco, Valoren, Precious Metals, Coins, Jewellery, Clocks, Diamonds, Alcohols, live Animals, plants, drugs, radioactive and fissile materials, art objects, Antiquities, High Quality electronics
  • Scope of cover is limited to the European territory excl. Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine